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When it comes to training for baseball and softball, there are several things that can help players learn and practice before getting out on the field again. Whilst being physically fit and strong is important, there’s equipment that can help when training for both baseball and softball.
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Training kit for baseball

Whether training as part of a club or wanting to keep up your strength between seasons, having the right training equipment will help.

  • A batting tee is a great way to practice your hitting. We stock adjustable batting tees so players of all ages can keep training off the field.
  • A pitching machine is a great way to practice your hitting and pitching. Invest in a pitching machine with a digital display for accuracy and with speed variants for players of all abilities. We sell pitching machines that are portable and easy to move around for training individually or as a team.
  • Of course, a  good baseball bat is essential for hitting the ball during training. It’s a good idea to consider the size and ability of the player when choosing a good bat.
  • Practice nets are a great addition for players looking to keep up practice when they’re at home. They’re portable and act as the catcher on the field. 
  • Another great bit of kit for training and practising is training sticks. They’re designed to be like softballs and baseballs a great way for players of all ages to improve hitting stance, contact, and bat control.
  • Strengthen your arms and shoulders off the field with a resistance band ball, the perfect bit of kit to help players continue their ball and batting skills off the field.

Other tips for training to play ball

If you’re looking to take your sport seriously, you can try other types of training too such as weight training to build strength and sprint training for cardio. Having good cardio strength will help speed and agility when on the field, helping you get balls quicker and steal bases more easily.