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We don’t need to tell you that a good baseball is essential for a good game.

At the heart of any great game is the baseball itself which is why we only stock the best brands in the sport. Looking for a solid, reliable and top-quality baseball? Shop below. 

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How to choose the right baseball.

Baseballs typically come in bright colours or white to help players spot it across the field when the ball is in play. Choosing the right baseball for your individual preference is more complex than simply choosing your favourite colour or brand. There are some things to consider when choosing the right ball to play:

  • The skill level and experience of players - Younger players and those with less experience may want a softer ball that is easier to hit and catch. Players with more experience may prefer a harder ball that travels farther.
  • Type of field - If your team plays on a variety of fields, you may want to choose a ball that is designed to perform well in all conditions. Balls that are designed to use on artificial turf will have a harder cover and won’t break as easily as a ball that is designed for use on natural grass.
  • Weather conditions - If you play in colder weather like here in the UK, you may want to choose a ball that is designed to keep its shape in cold temperatures. If you play in hot weather, you may want to choose a ball that is designed to stay cool and dry.
  • Your personal preference - Some players have a preference for a certain type of baseball; a ball with a certain size, weight, or feel. Ultimately, the best way to choose the right baseball for you or your team is to try out different balls and see what you like best.

Some of the top brands producing the best baseballs include Rawlings, Wilson, and Easton Softstitch, available to buy from our online shop here.