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Baseball Starter Kit

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Price Match Promise

The Baseball and Softball Shop are proud to offer high quality baseball and softball equipment for the best prices possible. We regularly check our prices against competitors to ensure that we are offering the best value in the UK and Europe.

If you find the same product on the internet (company based in the UK or Europe), in stock at a lower price we will match the lower price. Please contact us with details.


This is a full Baseball kit that allows up to 20 players play a full game of Baseball.

A typical set consists of:-

5 x Rawlings (RSB120GB) 12" glove - REGULAR (Right Handed Throwers)

1 x Rawlings (RSB120GB) 12" glove - RIGHT HAND CATCH (Left Handed Throwers)

5 x Rawlings (RSB130GB) 13" glove - REGULAR (Right Handed Throwers)

1 x Rawlings (RSB130GB) 13" glove - RIGHT HAND CATCH (Left Handed Throwers)

2 x Rawlings Wooden Baseball Bats

6 x Rawlings Baseballs ROLB1

1 x Set of throw down bases (3 bases, pitchers plate, home plate)

1 x Oversize equipment bag

**NOTE - This is a guide and we will send the closest stock currently available (we will contact you if there are any major changes)**

## PLEASE NOTE - All fielding gloves are made of leather and not cheap vinyl / microlite. ##