How to improve your baseball swing

3 Pro Drills to Improve Your Swing!

A baseball swing can be complex. It is easy to teach the basics, but it can take years for players to hone an efficient swing that is both precise and powerful.

So how can you improve your swing? Here are three drills to help you on your way.

1. The Tee Drill

A tee drill requires a tee, adjust the height and place the ball on the tee. Then use your baseball bat to practice hitting the ball off the tee.

This is a common way to improve your swing mobility. Setting up a tee drill and practicing this way will mean that you can prepare for swinging against all types of pitch locations. You can adjust ball height and location.

2. The One-Handed Drill

This drill requires someone to throw the ball to you or the use of a tee to place the ball on and hit from, using only one hand on the bat.

Doing this drill helps you increase your consistency and efficiency of a straight hand path to the ball when hitting, every time. It is very easy to not make solid contact with the bat and ball and miss an opportunity of hitting with real power. Your goal is to create a level bat-path with your top and your bottom hand individually.

3. Track and Catch Drill

For this drill the hitter won't be need a bat, instead you will load and stride like you are about to swing. You will then catch the ball at the exact point you would be making contact with the ball and bat, if you were swinging.

This drill focuses on keeping your eye on the ball and making solid contact with the ball at the right place and point.

Follow in the footsteps of the great hitters that have gone before and get practicing!

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