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New Products for 2024

Adidas Icon 8 MD Mens/Boys Moulded Baseball/Softball Cleats

Looking for a baseball or softball cleats with the perfect blend of performance and style? The Adidas Icon 8 MD Molded Cleats are an ideal choice for those looking to elevate their game. Features like moulded studs give superior traction on the grass and dirt surfaces.

These Adidas cleats offer amble ankle support with its mid-top design which gives stability to the player without compromising on agility and lightweight construction allows the player to move swiftly across the field. The Adidas Icon 8 Cleats are built for comfort and durability in mind, providing cushioning throughout long games. Dominate the diamond with a pair of Adidas Icon 8’s!

Worth Mayhem® Alloy Slow Pitch Softball Bat

Want to add power to your slow pitch softball game? The Worth Mayhem® Alloy Slow Pitch Softball Bat is crafted with high-quality alloy material, delivering excellent performance and reliability on the field.

Whether you’re swinging for the fences or aiming with precision the Worth Mayhem® Alloy bat offers solid contact and a balanced feel with each swing. The Worth bat has a sleek design and comfortable grip to withstand intense gameplay. Next game, step up to the plate with confidence and unleash your inner power hitter when you purchase the Worth Mayhem® Alloy Slow Pitch Softball Bat.

Rawlings Jogger Launch Pants 

Do you want to elevate your baseball game performance? The Rawlings Jogger Launch Pants are designed with modern athletes in mind with the perfect blend of style, functionality and comfort.

The jogger style design provides a comfortable and unrestricted fit made from high quality materials. They are durable and made to last countless wears and washes. An adjustable jaw string and gel-grip Rawlings branded waistband allows for players to personalise the fit alongside ribbed cuffs adding to the joggers secure feel on the field.

The Rawlings Launch Pants are a versatile option with a sleek and sporty look keeping you both comfortable and stylish while playing baseball. Purchase the Rawlings Jogger Launch Pants now in a range of colours: white, grey and black.  

Rawlings Players Youth Catchers Set

Young athletes need the best gear to help them on their baseball journey to excellence. The Rawlings Players Youth Catchers Set is a gear package designed to provide young players with the best gear to excel behind the plate.

This set provides young players with everything they need: catcher’s helmet, chest protector, leg guards which are all tailored to fit the needs of young athletes.

Each of these items provides the young catchers with safety, comfort and performance and the Rawlings Players Youth Catchers Set is an essential for young catchers looking to take their game to the next level. 

Rawlings Batting Gloves 


Enhance your grip and comfort at the plate with these Rawlings Batting Gloves in Adult size! These gloves are designed to optimise performance of the player, they feature premium materials which provide durability and flexibility offering a close-fitting fit to the batter.

The synthetic grip of the Rawlings Batting Gloves provide extra grip ensuring a solid connection with the bat. Adjustable wrist closures also offer a customisable element allowing the players to snugly fit their gloves for better performance. The Rawlings Batting Gloves are a reliable companion, helping you to stay in control and perform to your best ability. 

Currently we only have this new product in one size, but we have its predecessor in all sizes here.

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