6 Steps To Pitch Like A Pro! (Well, Almost)

6 Steps To Pitch Like A Pro! (Well, Almost)

These 6 steps will teach you how to first of all build momentum and velocity during your pitch and then how to keep this momentum going all the way through to the end, when the ball leaves your hand.

1 - Rocker Step

A small transfer of weight from the pivot foot (pitching arm side foot) to the free foot (glove side foot). This step aids the transfer of weight and momentum into the following steps.

Choose a position for your free foot, that feels most comfortable for you; back or more to the side. If you struggle with your balance go on your side because you want to make sure you have enough control for the next movement.

2 - Pivot

Most people say your foot has to be parallel to the pitcher’s plate (a flat rectangular slab on top of the pitcher's mound, the pitcher must touch this when beginning to throw). If you have more power in either the ball or heel of your foot then make sure that part of your foot is the part touching the pitcher's plate.

3 - Leg Lift

Leg Lift

Find your true balance point… but never stop because that will stall your momentum from the first two steps. Be in a controlled position to utilise your back leg (pitching arm side foot).

4 - Stride

You want to stride straight towards the plate, don’t fly your back leg (pitching arm side foot) open or across your body because that will decrease your velocity. You can draw a line to train yourself to follow a straight line.

Don’t just fall and let your momentum take you forward, sink back into your hips and let that drive you forwards because you want to connect all the steps together to utilise all the momentum you have built up. A bad stride is a short stride, not letting your arm get up in time leads to a late arm and can cause injuries. Drive down the hill to give your pitching arm enough time to get up.

5 - Landing the Stride

Landing the Stride

Hips and shoulders should be pointed towards first base then drive your hips through to drive your pitching arm towards the plate to increase velocity on the ball. Let all parts be connected and help each other.

6 - Follow Through

Make sure you are over that front leg (glove side foot) as much as possible and try to straighten it out, the more you can be over the front leg the more downhill action the ball will have travelling towards the plate. It will also make your ball look much quicker to the hitter. However try not to over rotate or fall off to the side.

Now your pitch should be awesome…go give it a try! ⚾

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