2024 Photography Competition Winners 🏆

2024 Photography Competition Winners 🏆

We are excited to reveal the winners of this year's Annual Photography Competition! The talent and creativity on display were truly impressive. Here are the results:

🏆 In joint first place: Christian & Marcus

Photographed by Christian.

Photographed by Marcus.

Christian and Marcus have both demonstrated extraordinary skill and creativity in their photography, earning them a well-deserved joint first place. Their photographs encapsulate unique perspectives and baseball caught in action, making them stand out. 

🌟 Runner-up: Alex

Blind Baseball Photographed by Alex.

Our runner-up, Alex, impressed us with a striking photograph capturing the essence of Blind Baseball. This beautifully composed image highlights the inclusivity and remarkable skill involved in the sport, showcasing both its accessibility and the precision required to play.

🌟 Special Charity Award: Sophie - Cancer Research UK, Mighty CRUKs Softball Team

Photographed by Sophie - Cancer Research UK’s the Mighty CRUKs Softball team.

"We’re beating cancer, as well as beating teams in the London charity softball league."

This year, we introduced a Special Charity Award to honour contributions to charitable baseball teams. Sophie, representing the Mighty CRUKs Softball Team from Cancer Research UK, has received this special recognition. Her photograph beautifully captures the team spirit and serves as a powerful reminder of how baseball—and sports in general—can raise awareness and inspire positive change.

Congratulations to all our talented winners! 🥳 Check out their photos 📸 

A Note of Appreciation to All Participants

Thank you to everyone who entered this year's competition. Every entry we received was a testament to the vibrant and diverse talent within our baseball and softball community. The passion and dedication evident in each photograph made the judging process incredibly challenging yet rewarding. 

We loved every entry and can't wait to see you again next year!