Worth (SO125FS) Shutout™ Series 12.5" Fast Pitch Softball Glove

64.99  54.16 ex VAT

With a record-holding 46 shutouts, Keilani is no stranger to the art of dominating performances. Just like her, this series is built for the shutout athlete: control, comfort and durability.

• Patterns developed specifically for fast pitch players
• Narrow hand-spread gives players better glove control
• Full-grain leather shells with game-ready feel for durability and comfort
• Silencer sting reduction palm pads protects your hand from ball impact
• Custom fitting Velcro straps create a secure fit for any hand size

• 12 ½" fastpitch pattern
• Finger shift advantage for easy close, protects hand from ball impact
• Woven web
• Custom-fit, adjustable non-slip pull strap back

Worth (SO125FS) Shutout Series 12.5
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