Softball Set Advertising League(Full bases)

599.99  499.99 ex VAT

This is a full Softball kit that allows up to 20 players play a full game of Softball.

The sets consists of:-

5 x Rawlings (RSB125GB) 12.5" glove - REGULAR (Right Handed Throwers)
5 x Rawlings (RSB130GB) 13" glove - REGULAR (Right Handed Throwers)
1 x Rawlings (RSS130C) 13" glove - RIGHT HAND CATCH (Left Handed Throwers)
1 x 26oz Worth Softball Bat
2 x full 15" markwort bases
1 x full rubber home plate
1 x double safety 1st base (30in x 15 x 2 in)
5 x AHD12SY Softballs
1 x Oversize equipment bag

## PLEASE NOTE - All fielding gloves are made of leather and not cheap vinyl / microlite. Where applicable we will update to a newer model of products##

Softball Set Advertising League(Full bases)
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